Our Story

It all began with two cousins, Lindsay Irene and Brianna Leigh, who from a young age had a passion for fashion. Despite living in different states the two grew up with a strong bond, and when they did see one another they would pour over fashion magazines and share opinions on the latest trends. To them clothing was a creative form of self-expression and finding the right outfit was an exciting adventure. Each girl developed her own fashion aesthetic, one modern and polished, the other eclectic and unique. Dreaming of owning their own clothing store one day, it didn’t take long to decide on the name Irene Leigh. 

Lindsay, originally from Upstate NY, was determined to see Irene Leigh become more than just a dream. After finishing college at Virginia Tech, she set out to get real world retail experience beginning by managing women’s fashion apparel boutiques, first in Charlotte, NC and then Denver, CO. Though loving the role of small business manager, she found herself wanting to know more about the retail industry, so she packed her bags and moved farther West. In San Francisco, CA, Lindsay gained knowledge of the corporate retail world at first in Inventory Management for Old Navy, and then as a Buyer for Banana Republic. Finally, she took an opportunity back East in Boston, MA working as a Merchant for Talbots. With the experience, skills, and support she had gained over the past 10 years the time has come to make the dream into a reality.

For Lindsay exercise and athletics have always been a part of her life, beginning with playing sports like soccer, lacrosse and volleyball in high school. In college she challenged herself to run a half-marathon, which turned into three more and a full marathon in Lake Tahoe, CA. It was Yoga, however, that she connected with both physically and spiritually. From taking her first yoga class in college, to practicing in one gym or another in all of the cities she lived, yoga became an important part of her routine. While living in Boston Lindsay decided to take her practice to the next level and became a certified yoga instructor at Radiant Yoga in South Boston. It was only natural for her to combine her love of exercise and love of fashion to open Irene Leigh as Women’s Athleisure Boutique back where she grew up in Upstate NY.