Now is not the time to think about how to be more sustainable, now is the time to act on it. Everyone can think of at least 5 things they could be doing to make our planet a better place, but are you actually doing those things? We are guilty of it too! So let's all take a good look inwards on this Earth Day and vow to do better this year. 

At Irene Leigh we are always looking to source from brands that share our ideals and are producing their products as sustainably and humanely as possible. This past year we brought the brand Vuori into the shop, a company that is Climate Neutral Certified and truly thinks about their impact on mother earth with every decision they make. I am also proud to highlight the efforts our store manager Shelby has made when it comes to properly sorting and recycling all packing and shipping materials we encounter when inbounding new product into the store. That sounds like an easy no-brainer, but honestly its a big job and in my experience it's an effort that not all stores make, big or small. As a new initiative this year we are looking to utilize the company Retold to help dispose of any damaged or "old" garments that we ourselves have as well as opening it up to our community. Retold is a company that gathers all of your used clothing and with their partners either recycle, up-cycle, or resell the garments and guarantee that nothing we send them ends up in the landfill. All of our customers and community members are encouraged to drop off any of their used, damaged or expired activewear to us (even if you didn't buy it from us!) and we will send it away for you. This program starts with us today, with no expiration date. 

It's a healthy conversation for us all to be having in our own homes and with each other. We welcome any new suggestions or ideas on how you think we can be more environmentally friendly and climate conscious. Please reach out any time, we love talking about it and are always open to learning more. 

Read below to see how some of the brands we carry are making efforts to do more for our planet!

Vuori: Climate Neutral Certified Company, meaning that they have measured and offset their carbon emissions from making and delivering their products. 

Electric & Rose: They cut, manufacture and dye all of their clothes in Los Angeles partnering with factories and dye houses family owned and operated and also committed to sustainability. 
Alo Yoga: Alo stands for Air Land Ocean, and with mother earth in mind Alo uses the best, low-water dyes for their products. They are also working to reduce their eco footprint by powering their headquarters office and LA flagship with solar energy!
Cecelia: Founder Kaitlin studied sustainability in college and when she started her jewelry business she wanted to find a way to give back. Partnering with organizations like One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future, Cecelia Designs donates a part of the proceeds to plant one tree for every item purchased. Since 2015 they have helped to plant over 100,000 trees! 
Paddywax: All paddywax candles are designed with a second life in mind, so that you find a way to re-use it once it’s finished burning. The National Park Collection of candles, each designed after a different National Park, donates part of each sale to support the more than 85 million acres of national parks here in the United States. 


xx, Linz

April 21, 2023 — Lindsay O'Connor

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